Friday, April 15, 2011

Fascination with Religion

Fascination with Religion

Over the past year, I have become fascinated with religion and it all started with a book.

I made a decision and judged a book by its title and I picked up a copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

I knew the book wasn't going to be some kind of fluffy bunny, sugar and spice encounter, and in my subconscious there was a tiny pang of what I thought was guilt.

I now recognize this feeling. I feel it when I am trapped in an argument and I am wrong or when my basic idea of the world is challenged. An emotion of confrontation that results in me admitting and accepting I am wrong and having to revise my world view and opinion.

In this case, a book called The God Delusion was confrontational to my world view as I had not yet formed a specific idea of where a God fits into my world.

I read this book over three nights and was intrigued and engrossed. The arguments in the book were impeccable and made sense to me. Given a mindset of logic and reason, which I need to use in every day life, I found the book connected with me and has essentially affirmed my underlying atheistic mindset.

My interest and fascination has been perked and I have since discovered The Four Horsemen, The Atheist Experience and many brilliant, logical and reasonable blogs.

I recommend that everyone reads The God Delusion.

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