Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Atheists : Compelling and Intellectually Challenging

Atheists : Compelling and Intellectually Challenging

I have written previously about becoming bored with the same arguments and word games employed by theists.

In stark contrast, I am continually surprised by the compelling and intellectually challenging positions and analysis of the bible and religion by atheists. Today I read a blog post highlighting a comment made by Stephen Fry in regards to "What Knowledge Did The Apple Bring".

Stephen Fry has only recently appeared in my readings regarding religion and I am learning that I need to read more about him and read more of his writings. The Four Horsemen often come to mind in regards to atheism, but in my mind, a fifth has now entered. Stephen Fry, I welcome your insights and brilliance.

With this in mind, I have observed that atheists are continually asking the difficult questions and critically evaluating the bible and religion. Atheists give respect only where it is earned and deserved. Stephen, as an atheist, asks some compelling questions and draws some reasonable conclusions about the bible and the absurdity of the genesis story.

I often to wonder why theists aren't applying the same critical analysis to the bible. An intelligent, and intellectually honest adult should be able to see straight through the bible. I think it all comes back to a the scary reality of a breakdown in their world view. The inability to let go of an unfortunate lie they've been told all of their lives. Everything they've believed about god and the world hinges on these illogical and inconsistent stories, fables and parables. They just can't let go. Defending the only position you know.

As an atheist and a skeptic, I want to be challenged. I want my worldview to be elastic, to be convinced of a compelling argument, to accept that an idea or opinion I have is wrong and to move on and learn about the next big thing. Clinging stubbornly to old ways and old ideas, like a mental Luddite, is absurd.

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