Monday, January 31, 2011

What is wrong with same sex marriage? Nothing! (Part 1)

What is wrong with same sex marriage? Nothing! (Part 1)

Opponents of same sex marriage put forward varying reasons for their lack of support. I plan to discuss these reasons and why they are absurd.

STATEMENT: Same sex marriage is against God's will aka religion.
RESPONSE: God and religion do not have a monopoly on marriage.

I am an atheist and I am married. I do not believe in God and I hold no religious beliefs, yet I am married. My marriage was conducted by a non-religious celebrant and was acknowledged by the state/country not the church. God and religion play no part in my marriage.

When did a religious group last protest the marriage of an atheist couple?

I reject God's will and religion in regards to same sex marriage due to this obvious inconsistency. Consistency would mean no-one outside of your religion can get married and that is absurd.

When people cite God's will as a reason to oppose marriage I feel it is more about the participants being homosexual than the actual marriage. An individuals sexual orientation has nothing to do with marriage.

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