Saturday, February 19, 2011

What is wrong with same sex marriage? Nothing! (Part 2)

What is wrong with same sex marriage? Nothing! (Part 2)

Opponents of same sex marriage put forward varying reasons for their lack of support. I plan to discuss these reasons and why they are absurd.

STATEMENT: Same sex marriage is against Biology.
RESPONSE: Marriage is a social construct whereas Biology is about the science of life and living organisms.

Opponents of same sex marriage often use the Biology argument to highlight that biologically only men and woman are able to bear children. They dilute marriage into the single purpose of having children. This is shallow and misguided.

There are many reasons to undertake a marriage. Some of those being commitment, legal recognition and love. 

Bearing children is obviously not on the list for same sex couples but even as a man and a women, my wife and I certainly didn't become married just to have children.

No-one walks around pretending that same sex couples can conceive children. Biology doesn't magically allow a same sex couple to conceive when married. A married same sex couple has the same likelihood of conceiving a child as a non-married same sex couple - None. 

The same logic and likelihood also applies to infertile heterosexual couples and I am sure I will never see a news headline protesting the marriage of an infertile heterosexual couple. Given their same likelihood of conception and therefore having no ability to bear children, they too should be banned from being married as this would be against Biology. 

A social construct like marriage cannot be against biology and to use that argument is absurd. 

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