Saturday, June 11, 2011

Atheists - illogical and not supported by evidence?

Atheists - illogical and not supported by evidence?

Comment on post by Billy Graham.

The opinion of the Atheist is "illogical - and not supported by the evidence". Please apply this same criteria to the existence of "God". You will find that your opinions are just as "illogical - and not supported by the evidence".

In perspective, a single opinion about a single topic, is just an opinion. This is not a big deal. However, when an entire institution is setup to spread lies and fleece people out of their money in the name of "God", I also must agree with the Atheist.

Of course, you are not interested in this opinion because it doesn't align with "your" opinion. Keep travelling through life surrounding yourself by people that don't challenge your opinion, otherwise you might learn something yourself.

Religion doesn't have a monopoly on good deeds or the truth. It is interesting that religious people can be just as bad and dishonest as any Atheist with an opinion. I suppose, at least a bad and dishonest religious person has "God" on their side to justify their illogical and unsupported opinions. Also, a copy of the Bible is always handy to quote a line out of context to justify their actions.

Shame on those poor Atheists with an opinion that isn't supported by the same poor logic and unsupported evidence as those of a religious person.

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