Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who created the Creator?

Who created the Creator?

When discussing matters of the existence of the universe, a theist might be compelled to state “God created the Universe”. They easily accept this as fact and shut down their brain having satisfied their requirements for an answer. Others may ask, “Who created the Creator?”. It is such an obvious question to ask and is just like a child asking “Why?”.

I’ve asked this question and could ask the same question into infinity and never have an answer. Even if we are living in a computer simulation, the creator of the computer simulation would have to come from somewhere as well. Up until this point, we have no answers for how the Universe got here and pretending that a book has the only answer is narrow minded and short sighted.

Even well substantiated theories like the Big Bang, are generally outside of my understanding. I can’t grasp true nothingness. Sure, I can understand the idea of a black void or a vacuum, but these concepts represent something. A black void exists and so does a vacuum. However, given the evidence, a Big Bang most likely did happen and is a theory based on what we can and have observed. Does anyone know what came before, or existed before the Big Bang? No. Scientists constantly hypothesis and discuss possibilities but no-one truly knows. There are no absolutes.

Those, who reject the Big Bang theory explain that something can’t come from nothing. It does sound implausible but what is more implausible, the idea that God has always existed and he (?) created the Universe or that the Universe just came into existence? A theist expects the evidence to be presented to back up the Big Bang theory but requires no such evidence for their own position. Apparently they just know that God created the Universe.

It is absurd to suggest that a God, who is all powerful and all knowing, is sufficiently complex to create a universe and everything within it, listens to prayers and meddles with physical reality as needs be, just exists and has always existed. How about coming down from your theistic high horse and saying “I don’t know”.

You don’t know, I don’t know, the best minds in the world don’t know. If you think you know, you are deluded or are wrong.

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