Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Professor Dawkins: Science Is a Servant of Truth, Not Atheism

Dear Professor Dawkins: Science Is a Servant of Truth, Not Atheism

All credible scientists freely admit that they do not know the answer as to how life arose. They can hypothesize all they want. As Dawkins clearly says, “I told you I don’t know” followed by “No, No, nor does anyone else”. Further to this, Dawkins would never use Darwinian evolution to explain how life arose. This would be a big mistake.

Dawkins really has no burden of proof unless he makes a claim. The answers provided are perfectly reasonable considering the poor questions asked by Stein.

Contrast this with the opinion of a theist, “I’ve read the Bible, the Christian God created us”. No-one in the history of Christianity has been able to provide evidence of God or that he created us. Meanwhile, science continually disproves the fantastical stories of the Bible and continues to close the gaps where theists place their Gods. Atheism becomes more powerful with the ally of science.

Smiley faces don’t make themselves, computers don’t make themselves and by extension, God didn’t make itself. They are all man made as far as we can tell and prove.

Who created God, how did life arise and what is wrong with saying, “I don’t know”, and using science to figure it out.


Science knows nothing and expects evidence for everything. Religion knows everything and expects evidence of nothing – Anonymous

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