Friday, September 16, 2011

Reverse Engineering - Science vs Bible

Reverse engineering is a term you hear quite often in the world of Information Technology. It is usually undertaken to figure out how something works, specifically without knowing the techniques or technologies used to produce the product or software in question. See Wikipedia for more detail on Reverse Engineering.

Science uses this style of technique quite frequently. Nature, in all of it's beauty, is observed and pulled apart in an effort to understand how it works. In many cases, astounding advances in understanding are made. Bio-mimicry in particular uses these observations from nature to produce technological advances by trying to replicate nature.

With this in mind, science only knows what it knows. Highly educated hypotheses may be formed but science doesn't pretend to know the answers.

On the other hand, the reverse engineering techniques employed by the writers of the bible are the polar opposite of science. They observe a particular phenomena and write it up as an act or sign from god. In itself this is no big deal as many works of fiction describe fantastical scenarios and phenomena. The problem here is that the bible and the purveyors of the bible, present this as fact.

When a rainbow forms in the sky, apparently it is the sign of the covenant from God (Genesis 9:8-16).
Maybe it is a sign from God, but the verifiable and reproducible facts are that it is light passing through raindrops. No need to invoke the supernatural, unlike the scientifically ignorant writers of the bible.

Science, rather than jumping to fantastical conclusions and unsubstantiated statements of fact, will reverse engineer nature through observation and experiment to find the real truth. In the face of the real truth, believing the fantastical stories and unsubstantiated statements made in the bible is just absurd.

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